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..............Cindys Gallery - Photos of my Life
My Childhood
& School Photos

Me with brother Al

Dad & I cooling off

Who me

Can I pull the heads off Mum

Face only a mother could love

I'm not playing anymore

Will you be my friend?

Cute as a button

First day at school

2 Ducklings

The birthday girl.

All Aboard.

The local Mafia.

I'm a big girl now.

Look mum one hand

Happy families.

Al & I

Mum & Dad's night out.

My School Photo's (Click on pictures to enlarge )

Frankston East Primary 1970

Frankston East Primary 1973

Frankston East Primary 1974

Frankston East Primary 1975

Frankston East Primary 1976

Karingal High School 1977

Karingal High School 1978

Karingal High School 1979

Karingal High School 1980

Karingal High School 1981